sobota, 28. februar 2015


Evo, to je prava eksotika - sadež, ki ne samo, da ga še nikoli nisem videla,
še slišala doslej nisem zanj. Pitaja - spet ena od dobrot, ki jih je sestra
prinesla z njenega trenutnega domovanja na otočku sredi južnih morij.

Now, this is a real exotic - a fruit which not that I have not tried yet,
but have not even heard for before. Pitaya - again, one of the goodies my sister
brought from her current home on an island in the southern hemisphere.

4 komentarji:

  1. It is joy for the eyes and looks so delicious! Is it sour or sweet? I have never heard of it, too!:)

  2. Hm, difficult to describe. No distinctive taste. Sweet, but not sweet. A bit watery. Very gentle in contrast to its wild looks. No one from us could tell a familiar fruit it can be compared with.

    In short - nothing special, but tasty anyway. :)


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