ponedeljek, 11. maj 2015

Ko najdeš popoln kotiček ...
When you find a perfect place ...

A veste tisto, ko najdeš prijeten kotiček, sredi vrveža, a vseeno z zadosti intime, se lepo udobno namestiš in si potem med dojenjem ves ponosen na svojo iznajdljivost in napihnjen kot petelin, kako z mičkenim dojenčkom lahko letaš skoraj povsod in počneš vse tisto, kar ostali, potem pa pred sabo (IN! – obrnjeno naravnost vate!) zagledaš varnostno kamero. :)

Just try to recall this feeling: when you find a perfect little corner, in the middle of crowd, yet still intimate enough, you place yourself comfortably and while breastfeeding feeling proud about your cleverness and all pumped up how you can handle being with a tiny baby everywhere and doing everything other people do, and then suddenly, right in front of you (AND! – turned into your direction!), you see a security camera. :)

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  1. Oh! I don't know whether to smile or to get angry, but... you should not feel embarrassed, that's what I know.xx

    1. I smiled ... and cursed badly! :) It was like in a comedy. It is so me, of course, something like this happen to me. :))


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