petek, 01. februar 2013


Kdor rad teče na smučeh - prihodnji konec tedna bodo Bloški teki.

Baje imajo tam devet mesecev na leto zimo, ostale tri pa mraz. Ali je ravno obratno? :)
No, za moje miniaturne dilce je bila dovolj že ena flikica snega.

Kakorkoli, tale filmček o tistih pravih, ta velikih bloških smučeh, je prava paša za oči.

I have this miniature replica of skis from Bloke.

Bloke is a plateau in southern, the coldest part of the country. The locals say that nine months of a year there is winter and the other three is cold. Or is it other way around? :)

Anyway, it is the cradle of an original popular skiing tradition, one of the oldest in Europe. The skis were first mentioned in the 17th century. Here you can see the old craft of Bloke ski making and a demonstration on snow, just like it was, in old clothes and all. Such fun!

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