nedelja, 11. januar 2015

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  1. I admire your unceasing desire to go out, no matter the weather! I prefer to stay at home, to feel warm... Today the snow here nearly melted, it was very sunny, so there's space for a new snow now.
    OI hope Zoja didn't jump!...:)

  2. I try not to mind the weather. For me it is many times beautiful (or at least interesting) in rain or fog, but the feelings and mood is different, not necessarily bad at all. The worse thing about "bad weather" is clothing actually. :)

    I really wonder, if she would jump (if she would have a good reason - see the smallest cookie down there in the landings, he - she is definitely crazy enough. :)

  3. It means you have to be quicker in your thoughts than she is, always one step ahead of her - you have to say to her not to go further, if you aren't sure what's there, hehe ... always, always!, as she is such hyperactive little thing. :) Then she obey, true, but crying at the same time, feeling a big injustice happening to her, heh.


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