ponedeljek, 19. januar 2015


Ne, ni še poletje, kje pa! Nisva skočila v tako osvežujočo modrino,
pač pa čisto malo čez mejo, na italijansko stran, kjer sva se pasla na
razstavljenih delih študentov Visoke šole za umetnost Univerze v Novi Gorici.
No, it is not summer at all! We did not jump into such blue refreshment,
but we did jump just across the border, to the Italian part of the border town, Gorica,
where we enjoyed the exhibited works of students of Nova Gorica School of Arts.

Predjed na modrem krožniku po mamino, z nedeljskega kosila.
An appetiser on the blue plate from our Sunday lunch made by my mum.

Na pretežno sončen dan je bila tale flika prav vse, kar sem
danes na sprehodu imela od modrine. Ne prav modra odločitev.
On mainly sunny day, this scrap was the only thing I had
from all of the daily dose of blue on my walk today. Bad timing.

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  1. An interesting post, as always! Lovely to learn something new, to read about how the two towns are connected nowadays, to have a glimpse at a school where young people make art.
    Your mum's dishes always look very delicious!:)

  2. Here you have a bit more about the history of this border-town. It's quite interesting, but at the same time one of many painful stories from that time for us, especially for the locals:
    But it's a nice story now, I agree - so positive in these times.

    It is the successor of the school I studeid once looong ago at :), but it wasn't located there yet.

    1. Yes, it's interesting for a foreigner like me, but I know that everything that happened has reflected upon many people's destinies... We all have similar periods in our histories...:(
      It's nice to learn a little bit more about you, Maja! So, you have studied in an Art school? What discipline?:)

    2. Something I've completely neglected since - ceramics and sculpture. :)

    3. This is wonderful!! I am sure your hands haven't forgotten the "how-to"-s...
      Ceramics is one of my dreams...

  3. Sem mislila, da sta že kje uživala na morju :) Predjed zgleda slastno in bolje malo modrine kot pa nič :)

  4. To je beseda! :) - še bolj optimističen pogled kot tisti, ki govori o napol polnem oz. praznem kozarcu. :)


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