sobota, 22. avgust 2015

Kako veš, da prihaja jesen?
How do you know the autumn is coming?

Ko so mornarske gate in volneni copati del istega stajlinga! :)
When breton shorts and woollen slippers are a part of the same styling! :)

2 komentarja:

  1. All the photos speak about that autumn is around the corner.
    Here we've been having rain, rain, rain for a third day now! Finally! But I want to believe that summer will stay a little bit longer...:)
    Oh, who is that big, big boy?:)))))))))

  2. Yes, yes, beautiful autumn is here, still very soft version, but it is official, heh!

    We've been having some heavy rain days here too recently, but today was a perfect early autumn day again, so gorgeus!

    Heh, you mean a little troublemaker? :)))) He's so sweet, beyond my sweetest dreams! :)


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