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O soncu
About the sun

Danes spet predstavljam eno svojo staro sliko AVGUSTvarjanj.

Naslikala sem jo nekje v letih 1996-1997 za enega svojega sorodnika, ki je hudo zbolel. Ne pomisliš, da take stvari lahko doletijo tudi mlade ljudi. Ampak na srečo je bolezen premagal in medtem si je ustvaril že družinico.

Takrat me je novica o bolezni zelo prizadela, nisem mogla verjeti in nastala je ta slika z željo, da mu vsaj malo olajša zdravljenje in prinaša srečo tudi nasploh kasneje v življenju.
Razveselilo me je, ko sem bila pred slabima dvema letoma prvič pri njem na obisku v novem domu in sem po toliko letih spet videla omenjeno sliko v živo. Lep občutek.

Svoje misli sem zbrala v verzih.


Today I present another of my old AVGUSTvarjanja paintings.

I painted it somewhere in 1996-1997 for one of my relatives, who got seriously ill. I couldn’t imagine that such things can happen also to young people. But fortunately he has beated the disease and has created a little family of his own by now.

I was very affected about the bad news back then. I couldn’t believe it and so this painting was made with a wish to comfort his treatment a bit and also to bring him luck later in life in general.
I was very happy when I visited him in his new home about two years ago and I saw this painting after so many years. Nice filling.

I gathered my thoughts in verses, which I can not translate properly. This is just the best I can:

About the sun

One evening I remembered

how beautiful the sun is

Lightened with a burning redness

I was looking at it in its decline,

when branches gently caught it

Staring at the solar radiance

radiant as the life itself

I wanted still to be warmed by it

and be gilded by its light

The sun whispers me sunny:

Just sleep it over

I always come around


8 komentarjev:

  1. thats a nice painting. very neat :) how did u make these letters? is it outliner? if so, its so straight!!!

    oh i can see some lovely paintings on the side bar! love celtic motifs!

  2. Mojca: hvala!

    Titania yng Nghymru: Thanks. Yes it's an outliner (contour). Well, what can I do - accuracy is my curse :) - I'm a grafic designer.

  3. Thank for your visit and comment!!! your work is beautiful....Sorry, my english is very basic...A hug.

  4. Hello! Thank you so much for the lovley comment! Welcome back!

    Have a wonderful day!

    ART, http://johannaurban.blogspot.com/

  5. Pilgrim of the moon: My english also isn't very good but as long as we understand each other, is ok :)

    Johanna: Thanks and wonderful day to you, too!

  6. Gorgeous art, and I luv the poem. Very touching.

    Come check out my latest giveaway :)

  7. OneCraftyFox: Thanks! Here I go checking! :)


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