nedelja, 03. marec 2013

Marčevski odsevi
Reflections of March

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  1. I like the traces in the snow... To a "nowhere" land! How thrilling!
    We don't have snow here, but a couple of days ago, while going on a tour to a nearby town, we passed by fields, covered with snow that the sun couldn't melt! Snow and snowdrops in the little gardens later - it was just lovely!:)
    Have a sunny new week, Maja!!:)

  2. It sounds so lovely indeed, Rossichka!

    This year we had a real winter after many years. I think younger generations saw it for the first time - how it should be. :)

    Anyway, I love you, winter, but spring - I'm so ready for you! :)

    I wish you a lot of sunshine!


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