nedelja, 09. september 2012


Končno sem dobila priložnost, da natepem Mira. :)

Ker sem bila nad 2000 m.n.m. še preden sva se poznala, on pa je bil včeraj prvič, sem šla dan pred tem k dedku po najdebelejšo planinsko vrv, ki jo premore, jo skrila v Mirov nahrbtnik in ga, kljub njegovim poskusom, če veljajo tudi višine, ki jih je dosegel z balonom, na vrhu 2050 metrov visokega Viševnika z največjim veseljem natepla po riti! :)

Pot je čudovita in razgledna. Na vrhu, kjer so nas obletavale predrzne planinske kavke (slika 1), se nam je odprl pogled na vse strani, na dosegu roke pa je kraljeval Triglav (slika 5). Veličastno. Občutek je neprecenljiv in onkraj besed!

Po kaki uri občudovanja okolice in smejanja ob tepežu (in ponovitvah, fotograf namreč prvič ni imel pravega objektiva ali kaj že, komu mar, hehe) smo se stežka odpravili nazaj v dolino, ampak smo se kasneje malce potolažili z gobovo juhico in ajdovimi žganci.

I've finally got the chance to “beat up” Miro. :)

Because I had been above 2000 a.s.l. before we met and he was for the first time only yesterday, I went the day before to my grandpa to give me the thickest mountain rope he has, hid it in Miro’s rucksack and, in spite of his attempts to convince me to accept the heights he has reached by piloting balloons, I beat his ass on the top of 2050 meters high Viševnik, with the greatest pleasure of course! :)

[I don’t want you to think that I’m some kind of a beast :), so I must explain that this is a traditional thing here in Slovenia; whoever crosses the 2000 meters in mountains for the first time is symbolically beaten with a mountain rope]

The trail is magnificent and offers a lot of views. At the top we were surrounded by cheeky alpine choughs (picture 1), had a view to numberless mountains and there it was, reigning in front of us, our highest mountain Triglav, 2864 a.s.l., (picture 5) in the reach of the hand. Spectacular. It’s a priceless feeling and beyond words!

After an hour or so of admiring and laughing at photo session of the beating (and the repeatings, because the photographer didn’t have the right lens or something like that, who cares, hehe) we  finally hardly headed back to the valley, but were later at least a bit comforted by mushroom soup and žganci (the last picture).

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  1. Wow, how brave you are both! Good for you! I have problems with heights (maybe I missed "golden times" when I was younger!Some years ago I moved from 950m to 1050m by climbing a "ladder to heaven" and it was really "breath-taking" for me... I envy you for the glorious views from above!:)

  2. I, too, have a fear of heights, those in mountain paths that lead across steep rocks. But this one was quite acceptable for me, except of one or two critical points (that is for me, otherwise it is considered as very easy, also for children).
    I was worried a little about going down, but then somehow missed those points, didn't realise I already passed them. :)

    I forget to tell: our starting point was that little forest-clearing that has a shape of a flying bird turned upside down (pictures 4 and 6).


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