petek, 26. april 2013

Roža pri roži
Flower next to flower

Na mestu, kjer je stala Souvanova hiša, zdaj stoji kulisa s fotografijo pročelja. 
There is a giant photo-scenery of the façade in the place where used to stand the Souvan house.

čebula - jedilna in okrasna     /     onions - edible and decorative

slovensko-nizozemska krajina :)     /     The Slovene-Dutch landscape :)

nizozemske noše     /     Dutch traditional costumes

Volčji Potok je res prava paša za oči, občudujem rožice, pokrajine, aranžmaje in predvsem ljudi, ki so vse to zasnovali in tako pridno skrbijo, da je vse popolno, kot pomlad; in tista tradicionalna Nizozemska vas s stojnicami in z mlinom je posrečena, ker je spečana z netipičnim ozadjem, našimi gorami, ampak, kar se tiče fotografiranja, in tega arboretuma in raznih drugih cvetličnih in drugačnih parkov, hecno, ne vem, me že od nekdaj, že od malih nog, nekaj moti. Pa ne vem točno, kaj. Zgoščenost menda. Zasičenost. Preveč vsega na kupu, ali kaj. Ni tistega pravega užitka, ki ga imam povsod drugje.

Pa vseeno vam pokažem, kako je lepo. Ker je! Tiste posnetke, za dušico, pa naberem na kup za eno od prihodnjih objav. Lep jutrišnji praznik!

I have never liked photographing flower parks or any other theme parks, though it is beautiful, like here in Volčji Potok [=wolf’s creek] Arboretum was. I admire flowers, landscapes, arrangements and most of all the people who designed all that and take such a good care that everything looks perfect, like a spring.

Every year at the beginning of the season there is an event Nizozemska vas [=Holland village] included in the park. It has a traditional Dutch mill and I always find it interesting how it is joined with untypical background, with our mountains instead of their flatland. Cute. :)

It is wonderful to stroll through the park, but as I said these kind of parks are always so unphotogenic to me. I do not know why. The density I guess. Too saturated. Too much of everything together or what. I just can’t find the same joy like I have when photographing other things and places.

But I want to show you how beautiful it is anyway. Because it is! There were some motifs that I caught for my soul, but these I will show you in a separate post.

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  1. You made this post for us, thank you! And you didn't make a mistake, no matter what's the impact of such parks upon you. You shared this beautiful place that otherwise would have left unknown and unseen by all your readers from different parts of the word.:)

    Here the weather is wonderful! We have summer temperatures, today in my town it was 32,3 degrees Celsius, can you believe it!!! So... I wore the camera with me the whole week and took lots of photos, most of which posted in my blog... Spring is the most inspiring season for me!
    I wish you an exciting Sunday!

  2. I did think of you also, Rossichka! Really, I remember your posts with flowers and how you like them. I do, too, very much, I just don't enjoy photographing them in such parks. :)

    Wow - over 30 degrees! Well, it is April weather here, capricious, but it looks like this spring is going to be very short. Temperatures are rising quickly and in next days they will jump almost to 30. Uf! Just a few weeks ago there was snow ...

    Have a relaxing Sunday afternoon/evening!


    1. Take out the sandals, the summer dresses and the sunglasses!:))
      We are celebrating Easter this weekend plus two other feasts, so a 6 days holiday is "knocking at the door"! I hope my famiy will go somewhere out of town, among nature, to refresh and recharge!

  3. We also have two holidays these days (one of them you probably know yourself - May Day), that's alltogether three work-free days (well, in best case), so a lot of people take a whole week off to go somewhere.

    I'm hardly waiting for the bonfire tonight! :)

    I wish you wonderful celebrations and warm days!


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