sreda, 25. januar 2012

Ptičja objava
Bird post

Da vnesem malo džungle v sicer sončen in brezsnežen zimski dan,
sem med dva današnja utrinka vrinila tudi eno svojo
AVGUSTvarjanja sliko na steklu iz leta 2004, dimenzij 30x40cm.

To bring a bit of jungle in this winter day, even though it is sunny and snowless,
I inserted one of my 2004 AVGUSTvarjanja paintings on glass [30x40 cm]
between two captured moments of today.

5 komentarjev:

  1. I like your painting on glass very much! The colours are so fresh!
    And today's photos... whatever happens, no matter the season, a tree is alive when there's at least one bird on its branches...

  2. Thanks, Rossichka!

    You put it so nicely! I agree with you so much! I like trees, no matter the season. I even like dead trees. :)
    I also like all seasons the same. Every time different one. :)
    The charms of each are two, by my opinion: enjoying a beauty of the current one plus already anticipating and dreaming of the next that is about to come. :)

  3. You must be a happy person then, feeling well in all the seasons!:) That's maybe because you can see beauty in each of them...

  4. Yes, if there were just this kind of things (and nice people, like you), I would be a happy person, but, as you know - there are unfortunately all these bad things (=people) around us. Still, trying to stay positive. :)

  5. Me, too! Maybe we are happy just in this moment, while writing to each other and reading our comments?:)))Thanks for the nice, nice words!!!


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