četrtek, 26. januar 2012

Zláto sonce
Golden sun

Sonc je veliko vrst. Danes je zláto.

There are many kinds of suns. Today it is golden.

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  1. Ravno me je začelo nežno božati to zlato sonce, ki kuka skozi drevesa. Lepo je :)

  2. Now I know where the sun is!:) And here... we have a severe winter, with VERY low temperatures, a lot of snow and snowdrifts!

  3. Vladuška:
    Joj, a ni lepo! Jutri pa spet poslabšanje. Baje. :)

    I saw it on the news yesterday and I thought of you, wondered if it's so much snow also in the part where you live. I wish you a delicious tea! :)

  4. Yes, Maja, my town was isolated from the other regions of the country nearly the whole day. It's always like that here: VERY cold in winter and VERY hot in summer.I stayed at home and watched the snow dance through the window... And drank... coffee!:)Thanks for thinking of me!x

  5. Snow is good and beautiful and I like it and miss it so much (I miss childhood winters!), but in some cases it can also be dangerous, yes.

    I'm glad you're alright. Stay warm! :)


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