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Prav tako kot sem se pred leti, ko sva se odpravljala v Rim, hvalila Miru, kako da je Sikstinska kapela, kljub temu, da so jo v času mojega obiska ravno obnavljali, lepa in kako se veselim, da jo bom zdaj končno videla v celoti, sem mu tokrat, pred odhodom na Češko, razlagala in se veselila, da bom videla Zlato uličko v Pragi, ki je ob mojem predhodnem obisku nisem, seveda, zaradi obnove, kajpa.

No, takrat, v Rimu, nama je potem uspelo videti marsikaj, zaradi slabega predvidevanja in nerodnega načrtovanja pa sem se glede Sikstinske kapele spet obrisala pod nosom, tale Zlata ulička pa … ah, ne bom razlagala podrobnosti, ampak splet naključij, zelo podoben rimskemu, naju je prisilil, da jo izpustiva.

Na srečo mi je bilo vse skupaj smešno – kar pomislite: dve mesti, ki sem ju že videla, dvoje znamenitosti, po ena v vsakem izmed njiju, ki mi ju prvikrat ni uspelo videti in sem bila prepričana, da ju naslednjič pač bom, pa izmed vseh ravno tistih dveh (spet) nisem. To je trenutek, ko stojiš pred ograjo, nad tabo v oblačku pa piše i-aaa. :)

Eh, ja, sva pa zato večjo pozornost namenila Plečnikovemu delu, ki ga je v Pragi kar nekaj, na primer na Hradčanih [sliki 5 in 6].

[tudi današnji sklop je iz Prage]

Just like, right before we were going to Rome a few years ago, I had been explaining to Miro how happy I am for having another chance to see Sistine Chapel completely, because it was being restored at my first visit; this time, before leaving for the Czech Republic, I was telling him how excited I am to finally going to see the Golden Lane in Prague that I haven’t seen while my previous visit, due to restoration, whatelse.

Well, that time, on my second visit to Rome, we managed to see many things, but because of our bad predictions and planning, I missed it again; and the Golden Lane … oh well, I will not go into details, but a series of coincidences, very much alike to that Roman ones, forced us to skip it.

Luckily I found it all funny – you see, two cities that I had already seen, two sights, each in one of them, that I did not manage to see the first time, but was sure to see it the next time and then (again) saw everything but those two. This is the moment when you stand in front of a fence and in the cloud above your head is written hee-haw. :)

Eh, well, so this time, walking through the Czech capital, we did put a bit more attention to the work of our Slovenian architect instead, who left an artistic mark also outside our country’s borders, for example at Hradčani castle [photos 5 and 6].

[today's set of photos is also from Prague]

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  1. You didn't have luck? Hmm...Maybe this is a sign that you must visit Prague and Rome again. Three is a perfect number, don't you think so?...:)
    Extraordinary buildings and atmosphere! You must be very proud with your Slovenian architect who has contributed with his talent to the charm of the city! I've been there long time ago only for a night and a few hours before and after that, on my way to a puppet festival in Liberec. (That's why I'm particularly interested in the first photo.)

  2. Ha, Rossichka, I’ve also thought about that, about the lucky number three. :)

    Yes, Prague and Vienna are two foreign cities, where he also created. I love his work!

    Puppets, true, Czech people are known for making them. I liked how they are proud of this beautiful tradition, offering them on every corner. Next time, with more time and less heat, I will buy one. :)

    Oh, oh, and I just remembered – didn’t I once say to you I should find my old childhood puppets? Did or not – I must!

    1. It will be an exciting moment!:))
      Oh, if you know how I regret that last summer I didn't buy a glove puppet in Portugal , made by a lady in a cosy cafe...:((

  3. Ha, I see no other possibility than to visit Portugal again, don't you think so(?) :)


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