nedelja, 13. april 2014

Aprilska baklava
April's baklava

Dnevi so prekrasni, tako značilno aprilski, zdaj dež, zdaj sonce, zdaj kofetkanje, zdaj sladko ustvarjanje.

Miro je danes naredil baklavo. Ne prvič, a je od prejšnjega, takrat res prvega, poskusa minilo že skoraj natanko eno leto. Zgrozili smo se, ko smo v enem od receptov prebrali, da mora, ko je narejena, stati 48 ur. Hm … :/

[Od moje mami smo se naučili, da je testo za take zadeve, razne zavitke in bureke, ter mlince najboljše kupovati pri Safetu Amzi.]

Days are gorgeous, so April like, now rain, then sun, now hanging out having a coffee, then sweet creating.

Miro made baklava today. It was not the first time, he has made it, but it is almost exactly one year from his previous, very successful and at that time really the first, attempt.

It was terrifying when we found out in one of the recipes that this very popular desert, which we have adopted from Bosnia when we shared the same country for a few decades, should rest for about 48 hours before serving. Hm … :/

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  1. Mmmmmm, yes, it should be served at least after 24 hours in order to get the syrup inside! (And if you "forget" that it's in the kitchen!)
    I like baklava a lot - we make it here, too. Bravo for Miro - his baklava looks veeeery delicious!:)
    In Bulgarian the pronunciation is the same, but we write it in this way - априлска баклава.

    Have a lovely new week!:)

    1. Forget, haha!

      It was really the best baklava I've ever tasted. So far (he wasn't quite satisfied with it, so I told him he'll just have to practice - I see no other option, hehe).

      Rossichka, axxxx :), I hope you have a great spring!


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