četrtek, 21. avgust 2014

Lep trenutek
Beautiful moment

Krasno sveže jutro! Nenačrtovan zajtrk z mami v Stanu blizu Zbiljskega jezera, enkrat prejšnji teden.
Ko si srečen na tisti najbolj prvinski in nezapleten način in je pred tabo še ves dan.

Gorgeous fresh morning! Unplanned breakfast with mum at Stan, one day in previous week.
When you're happy in the most basic and uncomplicated way, knowing there's a whole day in front of you.

5 komentarjev:

  1. Lepe besede,dober zajtrk,krasni trenutki:)

  2. Hi! Your last posts are full of so many beautiful sights! I like the colours, the relaxing atmosphere, as if life is full only with joy!... I like the town of Radovljica and especially Izola! Its colours remind me of Portugal. I began to dream about visiting Slovenia with my family one day, to enjoy its numerous beauties!:)

    1. Hm, this summer is so strange this year, just rain, rain and low temperatures, like autumn. So I must search for beautiful sights even more, hehe ...

      Ha, seems we have at least something in common, Rosica, I dream about, ... actually I plan to visit Bulgaria one day, too ... :) It's on our travel list (long list, heh) for a while ... Greetings!

  3. Fine! And maybe we will meet?:)...
    Our summer surprised us with lots of rain, too, at some regions of the country it was a real disaster - many people lost their homes, even their lives!
    But, on the other side, it is warm, without being HOT, which is typical for our town. And I can stand it easily...


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