sreda, 15. januar 2014

A promise

Nazadnje sva se ustavila še v Kopru, ki, sva kasneje rekla, mu morava v prihodnje dati kakšno priložnost, da se nama pokaže; do zdaj sva namreč upoštevala samo Izolo, ki nama je najljubša, in Piran, ki ga nekako ne moreš ne imeti rad, Koper pa … njega zanemarjava, priznam.

Obljubila sva si torej, da mu morava dovoliti, da se nama enkrat bolje predstavi.

For the last stop we went to Koper, to which we have to give a chance in the future to show us what it has to offer, we said later; namely, until now we have always been only in Izola, which we love, and Piran, which somehow one just cannot not loving it, but Koper … we neglect it, I admit.

We promised to let it introduce to us a bit more one day, when we will go to the Coast again.

[Koper tourist info here.]

6 komentarjev:

  1. Seveda bomo mi pridno čakali na predstavitev.

  2. It was a pure delight to follow you on your trip along the Coast!
    Beautiful places, romantic streets, special atmosphere!... We should visit at least one of these towns one day!:)
    Your Miro knows what you like and has organised everything in a perfect way with so much love!

    1. Rossichka, yes, yes, if you ever decide, let me know!

      Heh, my Miro “knows what I like and has organised everything in a perfect way with so much love” … because he loves that way, too, you know! :)))

  3. That top photo reminds me of Dubrovnik old town, just off Stradun. I've not been to the coastal parts of Slovenia yet, but would love to one day.

    1. Yes, old Mediterranean towns all share that look, but Dubrovnik is huge compared to all ours together. :)

      I would definitely recommend you to visit our Coast (and some Mediterranean towns in the hinterland also), especially Piran and Izola (no offence to Koper :), they are tiny, but cute. :)


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